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Submission of manuscripts

Review process and follow-up of submitted manuscripts

Submitting a revised manuscript

Site and general

Personal and contacts


Submission of manuscripts

I wish to submit a manuscript, what all stuff I need for submission and how do I go about?

  • Prepare manuscript as per the instructions provided by the journal.
  • Prepare a file which includes covering letter, title page, details of contributions of individual authors, acknowledgement, support, etc. This file should be submitted as 'First Page' file.
  • Prepare article in a separate file (Article File); do not include any information that will reveal your identity; do not incorporate images in this file; do not include any information which can reveal your identity. File size should not be more than 400 KB.
  • Keep photographs ready as jpeg images (or other image format).
  • Keep the legends for images ready to be copy and pasted in the browser.
  • Click on Submit New Article - go ahead till completion.
What are the formats compatible with online submission?
  • For article files please use .doc, .rtf or .pdf files.
  • For images please use .jpeg, .tiff, or .gif files.
  • Do not include a zip or compressed file.
What are the requirements for images for online submission?
  • Submit good quality colour images.
  • Each image should be less than 100 kb in size.
  • Size of the image can be reduced by decreasing the actual height and width of the images (keep up to 400 pixels of 3 inches).
  • All image formats (jpeg, tiff, gif, bmp, png, eps, etc.) are acceptable; jpeg is most suitable.
  • Do not include a zip or compressed file.
Why is this 'first page' file separate?
  • To ensure a double-blinded review, no information that can reveal your identity should be included in the 'Article File'. The title page, covering letter, acknowledgement, etc. should be included in this 'First Page' file.
  • Reviewers will receive only the 'Article File'.
What are these key words being asked for during article submission process?
  • Key words will be used for automated PubMed search related to the submitted articles.
  • Please provide 2-4 very specific key words pertinent to your manuscript.


I was submitting a manuscript online, during the process I lost Internet connection, what do I do?
  • Resubmit.
  • The submission process is a simple, non-time consuming procedure.
While submitting a manuscript, I got a message that file size is too large, what do I do?
  • We have restriction on file size.
  • Limit the file size to 400 kb.
  • Do not incorporate images in the file.
While submitting a manuscript, on clicking 'Submit' button I received an error message 'Page can not be displayed' - what do I do?
  • This is likely to be due to slow Internet connectivity.
  • While the article files are being uploaded from your PC to our server a reasonably good connectivity is needed to transfer the file (smaller files will help here).
How do I make sure the journal staff has correctly received my manuscript?
  • Once a submission is completed successfully, one can view the manuscript detail in 'In Process Articles' area.
  • On clicking the manuscript id number in this area one reaches to 'Article Cycle' page.
  • The first page, article and image files can be checked from this page, if required.
After submitting a manuscript I realized I submitted a wrong article file, can I change it?
  • Yes, however, only during 'Editorial Review' phase. Once article is sent for review to external peers, it will not be possible to change the article or image files.
  • To change the files, go to 'In Process Articles' area, click on 'Modify/Add files', then go to page 'Change first page file/images'.
  • A new image can also be added by select image, adding the legend and clicking add new image.

Review process and follow-up of submitted manuscripts

I have submitted a manuscript how will I come to know about its progress?

  • 'In Process Articles' area will provide the latest information about the article; in which stage the article is and when it is likely to go into the next stage.
  • 'Article Cycle' page provides more details of how article is moving in the review process and how much time it is taking for each step.
  • Automated email from the system will be sent to the contributor when a decision on article is arrived at or when article is sent for proof check.
What would be the timeframe for review process?
  • The Editors review all submitted manuscripts initially which is completed within one week.
  • Manuscripts with insufficient originality, serious scientific flaws, or absence of importance of message are rejected.
  • Other manuscripts are sent to two or more expert reviewers without revealing the identity of the contributors to the reviewers.
  • Within a period of 10-12 weeks, the contributors will be informed about the decision.

I see that the due date for the phase has elapsed some time back, but I did not get the comments?

  • The 'Likely exit date' are set as per the expected date for completion and is based the average days taken in the phase. Occasionally, we, our editors and reviewers, may not be able to complete the review process within the set deadline. However, the final review process would be completed, definitely, within 12 weeks.

How will I get the comments of the referee and editor?

  • On completion of review process, an email informing completion of review process will be sent.
  • The comments of referee, editors and technical editors will be available from the site and will not be sent via email.
  • These comments can be seen by clicking 'Remark' on 'View status of articles' or 'Article Cycle' page.
I received a manuscript for technical corrections or revision, how do I respond?
  • DO NOT submit a revised article from 'Submit New Article' page.
  • From 'In Process Articles area click on 'Remark' to check the remarks sent to you. Click on 'Add/Modify Files' to go to change article file page.
  • To change images or first page article click on "Change First Page File and Images".
  • To attach/upload the revised file (which should include the reply to the referees' comments) for the browse for the file and attach it, and submit it.
  • Please include the 'comments' and 'reply to comments' in the article file itself.


Can I submit a revised manuscript or proof via email?
  • No.
  • Please utilise this system for submissions. The system will help to streamline review process efficiently and enable you to track the progress of the manuscript.
My article was accepted for publication, when would it be published?
  • A likely date of publication (issue of publication) is assigned to a manuscript.
  • Usually the manuscript will be published in that issue. This date will be visible in the 'Accepted Articles' area.
How will I get articles for proof reading?
How do I respond to articles received for proofs?

  • Manuscripts for proof reading will be sent through this system itself.
  • When a manuscript is in proof stage, contributor will be notified so. On login to 'Articles for proofs', one can check the details of proofs.
  • Article file can be downloaded from this area and corrected file can attached/uploaded again from here itself.


Submitting a revised manuscript  

How should I reply to queries raised by editors/referees?

Please reply to the comments of the referees/editors in following manner. This will ensure that the re-review is done fast. Include the original comments with reply at the beginning of article file.

  • There is no data on follow-up of these patients.

    Reply: The follow up of patients have been included in the results section [Page 3, para 2]

  • Authors should highlight the relation of complication to duration of diabetes.

    Reply: The complications as seen in our study group has been included in the results section [Page 4, Table]

The 'Remarks' says a file has been uploaded by the journal, how do I get this file?

  • Please also check the manuscript text, if provided with the comments which is he latest file in the article file list marked as 'R' symbolizing revised (e.g. JOW_191_03R1.doc). Few of the technical remarks marked directly are to point out the errors and no efforts have been made to correct ‘all’ the errors, which the contributors should check. [All the queries have been marked in the article itself as ‘Comments’ which will be visible as yellow highlight. View the query list by selecting ‘Comments’ from the ‘View’ menu in Word. (If there are no ‘yellow’ areas in the document, check your settings: from the ‘Tools’ toolbar, select ‘Options…’ then the ‘View’ tab, and ensure that ‘Highlight’ is ticked and ‘Field Codes’ box is not ticked).]

Do I have to change the First Page file or images at the time of revision?

  • If there are no changes in First Page file or images/legends, there is no need to make changes in these files.


What will be the line of action on receipt of a revised manuscript?

  • On receipt of the revised manuscript, the manuscript will be re-reviewed by the editors and if required the referee (those who reviewed the manuscript initially or new ones) and a final decision will be taken. Usually it takes 3-6 weeks for re-review.

Does submission of revised manuscript mean that my manuscript is 'acceptable' or 'accepted'?

  • Submission of a revised manuscript does not guarantee its acceptance by the journal.


Site and general

Why this system?

  • Fast: from time saving in submission and review till proof, the system produces instantaneous results.
  • Reliable: reduces possibility of lost in post and missed emails.
  • Transparent: Entire review process is visible to the contributors; all decisions by the editorial staff are open to entire editorial team.

How secure is my data with this system?

  • The site is protected by 128 bit security system.
  • All the areas are accessible only through valid username and password.
  • Author's details are strictly visible only to editorial staff.

Is there any possibility of losing my records due to some problem at the server end?

  • Very remote.
  • There are facilities for backup on the server as well at the journal office.
  • Contributors are requested to preserve the article, images and comments safely.

Which browsers are compatible with this site?

  • Most of the commonly web browsers are compatible with the system including Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. (Older web browsers may show a security alert which can be ignored)
  • Please enable 'Cookies' and 'JavaScript' in your web browser to utilize the system completely.

Where do I get more information about the journal?

  • Check the journal's site.

Personal and contact

I lost my password, how do I recover it?

  • Click 'Forgot password' from home page, your password will be emailed to you.
Can I change my personal details, including email?
  • Yes, from 'Change personal details'
Do I have to create a new login for each new submission?
  • No, once you have registered for this journal, you need not create separate login for each submission.
  • If you forgot you password, retrieve it through the system.
How can I contact journal editor or staff?
  • If you have a query related to a particular manuscript, use 'Query' function from 'View status of articles' page.
  • If you need any other information, use 'Contact journal administrator'
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