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'CytoJournal Core Reviewers’ are the most critical part of CytoJournal community. They support its high standard peer-review process which translates in to the final high quality CytoJournal articles.

If you are included in the ‘CytoJournal Core Reviewers’ list, you will periodically receive CytoJournal manuscripts through ‘CytoJournal- Online manuscript submission and review system (http://www.journalonweb.com/cytojournal).

Your ID for the system is your e-mail address. So it is critical that you periodically check and update your e-mail & other details through your log-in area. Please make it sure that your e-mail platform is optimized to accept all e-mails from CytoJournal (and check your spam / junk folder periodically for any communications in this matter. Please optimize your platform by selecting appropriate choices such as ‘Not junk mail’ etc.)

As ‘CytoJournal Core Reviewer’ you will receive an e-mail assigning a particular CytoJournal manuscript to you. If you DONOT decline the article (which can be done by clicking the ‘decline’ links provided in the initial e-mail- if you miss at this stage, you may log in in as reviewer through http://www.journalonweb.com/cytojournal/ and decline through the link under that manuscript in your queue at any time). If the review report is not received in stipulated period, the system automatically sends friendly reminders. To avoid these reminders it is important to ‘decline’ the manuscript if you are planning not to review a particular manuscript for any reason. (The sequence is different for ‘Guest Reviewers’ who are not part of ‘CytoJournal Core Reviewers’ and are not in the list on the web).

List of CytoJournal Core Reviewers

(Cytojournal Core Reviewer list is updated by adding CytoJournal reviewers as they are invited and have accepted the invitation to review the CytoJournal manuscript). If you opt to be removed from the list, please write to cytojournal@cytojournal.com)

Join as CytoJournal Core Reviewer

Submit a review report click here

(Courtesy Wayne State University School of Medicine)
After completing the review of cytojournal manuscripts, all Cytojournal Peer-Reviewers qualify for 3 CME credits(AMA Category 1 Credits™)

Please DOWNLOAD the instructions to navigate WSU-CME site as small-6 slides on one page (faster download) or Large (slower download) slides.

Manuscript submission of CytoJournalBeing an online process updating your information, especially e-mail address, (To avoid the e-mails to be dumped as ‘junk’/’spam’, please make it sure that CytoJournal e-mail address (cytojournal @ mcw . edu) is added to your safe list in your e-mail software. This is very important for proper and timely communication related to peer-review process and other related messages).

Scholars are encouraged to join as CytoJournal Reviewer. The list is one of the significant resource to invite qualified reviewers to invite them as CytoJournal Core Reviewer. If they are invited and have completed the review of CytoJournal manuscripts, they are automatically included in the published list of CytoJournal Core Reviewers.
This data is important resource of updated contact details to invite the review.

Click here to read CytoJournal Peer Review Process

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Callaham M, Schiger D, Copper RJ: An instructional guide for peer-review of Biomedical manuscripts. [http://www3.us.elsevierhealth.com/extractor/graphics/em-acep/index.html]

Shidham VB, Sandweiss L, Atkinson BF. First CytoJournal Peer-Reviewer's Retreat in 2006 – Open access, peer-review, and impact factor
CytoJournal 2006, 3:5 (27 March 2006)
HTML- http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/articlerender.fcgi?tool=pubmed&pubmedid=16566816 
PDF- http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/picrender.fcgi?artid=1421433&blobtype=pdf


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