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The National Cancer Institute Thyroid fine needle aspiration state of the science conference : A summation
Zubair W Baloch, Edmund S Cibas, Douglas P Clark, Lester J Layfield, Britt-Marie Ljung, Martha Bishop Pitman, Andrea Abati
2008, 5:6 (7 April 2008)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-5-6  PMID:18394201
  196 56,887 1,724
Utility of BRAF V600E mutation detection in cytologically indeterminate thyroid nodules
Leslie R Rowe, Brandon G Bentz, Joel S Bentz
2006, 3:10 (10 April 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-10  PMID:16606457
  89 11,384 335
The Anal Pap smear : Cytomorphology of squamous intraepithelial lesions
Shehla Arain, Ann E Walts, Premi Thomas, Shikha Bose
2005, 2:4 (16 February 2005)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-2-4  PMID:15715910
  72 15,440 442
Fine-needle aspiration of follicular lesions of the thyroid. Diagnosis and follow-Up
M Salih Deveci, Güzin Deveci, Virginia A LiVolsi, Zubair W Baloch
2006, 3:9 (7 April 2006)
  50 18,234 454
Fine needle aspiration biopsy of intraoral and oropharyngeal mass lesions
Husain A Saleh, Lewis Clayman, Haitham Masri
2008, 5:4 (28 March 2008)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-5-4  PMID:18373853
  50 18,251 688
Utility of Thyroglobulin measurement in fine-needle aspiration biopsy specimens of lymph nodes in the diagnosis of recurrent thyroid carcinoma
Zubair W Baloch, Julieta E Barroeta, Janet Walsh, Prabodh K Gupta, Virginia A Livolsi, Jill E Langer, Susan J Mandel
2008, 5:1 (31 January 2008)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-5-1  PMID:18237420
  34 14,595 586
Fine-needle aspiration of the thyroid: an overview
Gia-Khanh Nguyen, Mark W Lee, Jody Ginsberg, Tina Wragg, Darcy Bilodeau
2005, 2:12 (29 June 2005)
  34 36,492 1,067
Malignant atypical cell in urine cytology : A diagnostic dilemma
Alka Bhatia, Pranab Dey, Nandita Kakkar, Radhika Srinivasan, Raje Nijhawan
2006, 3:28 (15 December 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-28  PMID:17169162
  31 24,869 527
Introduction of the Thin Prep Imaging System™ (TIS): Experience in a high volume academic practice
Mamatha Chivukula, Reda S Saad, Esther Elishaev, Susan White, Nancy Mauser, David J Dabbs
2007, 4:6 (8 February 2007)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-4-6  PMID:17288596
  29 8,643 292
Fine needle aspiration biopsy of the liver : Algorithmic approach and current issues in the diagnosis of hepatocellular carcinoma
Aileen Wee
2005, 2:7 (8 June 2005)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-2-7  PMID:15941489
  29 19,787 639
Differential expression of galectin-3, CK19, HBME1, and Ret oncoprotein in the diagnosis of thyroid neoplasms by fine needle aspiration biopsy
Husain A Saleh, Jining Feng, Farah Tabassum, Opada Al-Zohaili, Muji Husain, Tamara Giorgadze
2009, 6:18 (18 September 2009)
DOI:10.4103/1742-6413.55894  PMID:19826479
  27 6,630 459
ASC-H in Pap test--definitive categorization of cytomorphological spectrum
Mamatha Chivukula, Vinod B Shidham
2006, 3:14 (10 May 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-14  PMID:16686950
  25 41,544 481
Utility of on-site evaluation of endobronchial ultrasound-guided transbronchial needle aspiration specimens
Adrienne Carruth Griffin, Lauren Ende Schwartz, Zubair W Baloch
2011, 8:20 (21 November 2011)
DOI:10.4103/1742-6413.90081  PMID:22145008
  22 6,384 36
Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration biopsy of parathyroid gland and lesions
Haytham Dimashkieh, Savitri Krishnamurthy
2006, 3:6 (28 March 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-6  PMID:16569241
  21 9,863 334
Dynamic telecytopathology of on site rapid cytology diagnoses for pancreatic carcinoma
Burton Kim, David C Chhieng, David R Crowe, Darshana Jhala, Nirag Jhala, Thomas Winokur, Mohamad A Eloubeidi, Isam E Eltoum
2006, 3:27 (11 December 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-27  PMID:17156485
  20 6,271 200
Randomized clinical evaluation of self-screening for anal cancer precursors in men who have sex with men
Thomas M Lampinen, Mary Lou Miller, Keith Chan, Aranka Anema, Dirk van Niekerk, Arn J Schilder, Robert Taylor, Robert S Hogg
2006, 3:4 (20 March 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-4  PMID:16549010
  19 9,048 300
Combined applications of fine needle aspiration cytology and flow cytometric immunphenotyping for diagnosis and classification of non Hodgkin lymphoma
Pranab Dey, Thasneem Amir, Aisha Al Jassar, Salem Al Shemmari, Sanjay Jogai, Ganapathi M Bhat, Aisha Al Quallaf, Zahia Al Shammari
2006, 3:24 (27 October 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-24  PMID:17069647
  19 8,651 310
Second edition of 'The Bethesda System for reporting cervical cytology' - Atlas, website, and Bethesda interobserver reproducibility project
Ritu Nayar, Diane Solomon
2004, 1:4 (21 October 2004)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-1-4  PMID:15504231
  18 16,034 350
The impact of digital imaging in the field of cytopathology
Liron Pantanowitz, Maryanne Hornish, Robert A Goulart
2009, 6:6 (6 March 2009)
DOI:10.4103/1742-6413.48606  PMID:19495408
  18 11,089 595
Should LSIL with ASC-H (LSIL-H) in cervical smears be an independent category? A study on SurePath™ specimens with review of literature
Vinod B Shidham, Nidhi Kumar, Raj Narayan, Gregory L Brotzman
2007, 4:7 (20 March 2007)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-4-7  PMID:17374161
  17 17,053 531
Diagnostic difficulties and pitfalls in rapid on-site evaluation of endobronchial ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration
Sara E Monaco, Matthew J Schuchert, Walid E Khalbuss
2010, 7:9 (14 June 2010)
DOI:10.4103/1742-6413.64385  PMID:20607094
  16 7,761 215
Does the ThinPrep Imaging System increase the detection of high-risk HPV-positive ASC-US and AGUS? The Women and Infants Hospital experience with over 200,000 cervical cytology cases
M Ruhul Quddus, Theresa Neves, Mary E Reilly, Margaret M Steinhoff, C James Sung
2009, 6:15 (6 August 2009)
DOI:10.4103/1742-6413.54917  PMID:19826482
  16 5,756 389
Use of the ThinPrep(R) Imaging System does not alter the frequency of interpreting Papanicolaou tests as atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance
Michael J Thrall, Donna K Russell, Thomas A Bonfiglio, Rana S Hoda
2008, 5:10 (24 April 2008)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-5-10  PMID:18435848
  15 7,892 367
Desmoplastic small round cell tumour : Cytological and immunocytochemical features
Nara M Granja, Maria D Begnami, Jeni Bortolan, Adhemar Longatto Filho, Fernando C Schmitt
2005, 2:6 (18 March 2005)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-2-6  PMID:15777480
  14 15,512 331
Immunohistochemical detection of hTERT in urothelial lesions : A potential adjunct to urine cytology
Walid Khalbuss, Steve Goodison
2006, 3:18 (10 August 2006)
DOI:10.1186/1742-6413-3-18  PMID:16901344
  14 5,950 216
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